Club Sponsor Needed

Your name hereBexhill Rowing is seeking a Club Sponsor(s) for the next 3-5 years to help with investment in new equipment and coaching resources. Founded in 1893, Bexhill Rowing Club is the town’s oldest sports club. In it’s 122 year history the club has achieved numerous successes, however the only word that best describes the clubs current chapter is phenomenal.

In 1999 the club only won 1 single race in the Coast Amateur Rowing Association (CARA) regatta season, and languished near the bottom of the league of 10 clubs. The committee needed a strategy to recruit new members to ensure its survival, born was the concept of the Millennium Fun Regatta and the idea to bring 4 new members to the club and teach them to row. The strategy worked with the club winning 17 races in 2000, rising from the near bottom of the league to win the title for the first time in the clubs history in the 2001 season. 14 years have followed with 14 consecutive CARA League titles; Bexhill RC has risen to become one of the most successful coastal rowing clubs in the country. Built on a reputation of hard work, team work and determination these are some of the key values of the club.

In the last 15 years, Bexhill RC has achieved the following:

  • Won over 565 CARA races
  • Won 6 South Coast Championships including the two most prestigious races in the sport
  • Seen its membership increase from 25 to an average of 80
  • Taught over 300 people from the community to row
  • Had members row the Atlantic & Indian Oceans
  • Semi-final appearances at Henley Royal Regatta
  • Set numerous World Records
  • Raised over £30,000 for local and national charities through various fundraising activities

These are just some of the key achievements, whilst the club may be small in size it is no longer a small local club of mixed results, it has a reputation for sustained success globally evidenced by it’s World Records.

The club is open to people of all abilities from 14 years old upwards, however we do currently operate a waiting list due to limited resources. This is the reason for this appeal for sponsorship, Bexhill RC know others want to learn to row and so the club wants to increase its opening hours to the local community allowing more people to try rowing. The club has high aspirations to continue its remarkable period of success on and off the water for the town, but cannot achieve these without the support of a sponsor(s).

It is hoped that a like-minded sponsor(s), organisations or individuals, may share this vision and be willing to support the club enable it to teach even more people to row and become even more successful over the next 3-5 years. The club has lots to offer a sponsor, such as branding on clothing, boats, the trailer and excellent media coverage through the local and national press. The club is open to discussing any type of sponsorship package to ensure the sponsor(s) needs are met.
For any interested parties please get in contact via our contact page on this website, or come and see us in action this weekend and ask to speak to a committee member for more information.